About Us

Who We Are

East Story Company was established in 2013 to stand alone and crowns more than 15 years of experience in the field of ready-made clothes to be one of the most ambitious companies in the world

East Story started its journey with passion and enthusiasm to create and innovate the strong and wonderful experience in ready-to-wear clothes for its customers.

The internal and continuous belief that clothes are a strong and reflective sign of the personality of every person was and still is the motivation to create the latest and most wonderful clothes that suit you, regardless of who you are.

The East Story has conducted comprehensive studies on ready-made clothes that were used in the past and present, and from them, the East Story extracted its high-end products, which are distinctive and which have become popular among the elite in the Arab countries, it bears the responsibility of providing the best products and services with a staff of trained The highest levels, which reflects the commitment of the East Story’s continuous commitment to creating and providing the best quality ready-to-wear garments that suit and satisfy the full satisfaction of our customers who have trusted our capabilities. In addition, East Story specializes in marketing high-quality products and a variety of ready-to-wear clothes

Our team is always available only to provide our customers with what is exclusive and valuable.

We have a team that works day and night specifically to provide what our customers deserve, we at East Story strive to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers by providing the best quality and after-sales services

Our vision

To be a leader in the ready-made garment sector at the regional level, we use all available resources to provide the highest quality of our products that we offer to our customers. We always strive to reach the highest levels of excellence, whether it is excellence in quality or uniqueness and privacy or the way we collect our ideas to take higher levels of competitiveness Until we reach the limits of the sky … and seeing satisfaction in the eyes of our customers is our goal as we look to be one of the largest companies in Turkey and the Arab world to obtain a large share of the garment market and to be the preferred provider of favorite, innovative and modern products to go beyond Customer signatures.

Our message

Striving to secure high-quality ready-to-wear garments in raw materials, manufacturing, marketing and display at reasonable prices within the reach of all layers of society and to meet the needs of customers and achieve their goals and exceed their expectations by creating products and providing high-quality services.

Our value

Our commitment to our core values remains firm as it is, and everything we do is based on the following: We work with enthusiasm and passion, driven by a deep awareness of the importance of what we do, and we support each other to make a specific impact in the interest of all.

integrity : We express our words with deeds, and work according to the highest professional and ethical standards.

the responsibility : We take responsibility for our actions and aim to perpetuate the values of humility, transparency and efficiency in everything we do.

Partnership: We work together with one team spirit, synergistic towards achieving success and growth.

Our passion for community service: We are committed to meeting all market needs.

The initiative: We foster creativity and experience to get the best results

Our mission

In the story of the East, we understand that achieving leadership and leadership does not come easily, and we have to take care of the smallest details in order to prove to the world that we deserve the forefront. Competitive prices, and with a highly efficient management system. We also work hard to promote and facilitate growth in all of the corporation’s commercial fields and instill our values in developing commercial and professional projects.

Our goals

The company aims to spread and expand in Turkey, the Arab world and the world to meet the increasing demand for its products and to cover a growing part of the Turkish, Arab and international market in all commercial and industrial activities. It also aims to be present in the market, markets through exhibitions, offices and agents.

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